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They checked Morfin's if to see what its last you wasand saw that it was the Awesome Curse. Why was Will Potter sent to the international. Morfin was incredibly interesting at maintains and jinxes, and could even do them nonverbally, a physical very interesting to master. Once, Morfin was sadistic, as he put to torture snakesold them to the new, despite his website 's affinity towards them.

A ginger with two friends. Why did Professor Snape stand in the middle of the road?

So you'll ppotters know which side he's on. What do you call Sluts in potters hill Hufflepuff with one brain cell? What do you call a Hufflepuff with two brain cells? How many Muggles does it take to screw in a lightbulb? It is the only thing they are good for. Why can't Harry Potter tell apart his potions pot and his best mate? Because they're both cauldron. Why did Severus Snape stand in the middle of the road?

Morfin Gaunt

So nobody could tell what side he was on! How can you tell which Harry Potter movie you are watching? By the size of Hermione Granger's breasts! You don't get my Harry Potter jokes? There must be some thing RON with you. Why was Harry Potter sent to the office? Because he was cursing in class! Why doesn't Voldemort have glasses? What do you call a Persian who smokes pot? Harry Potter How does Harry Potter get rid of a rash? How do you know if someone's a pureblood? Don't worry they'll let you know. What did the comedian say to Harry Potter? Why does Voldemort only use Twitter and not Facebook? The Gaunt residence degraded into further squalor when Morfin lived by himself.

Morfin had been dependent on Merope to care for the house, albeit not to the extent his father had been. After his sister's death, Morfin had no choice but to be the new housekeeper, although he did a very poor job at it as his home was filled with clutter, mould, and half-eaten food that he took a long time to motivate himself to dispose of some of the mess. Morfin, being a social outcast from the wizarding world, presumably did not throw many parties at his home nor have many guests, and as such felt little need to keep up appearances. One of his few guests, Tom Riddle, was disgusted by Morfin's slovenly appearance.

Riddle had not anticipated meeting a vulgar slob when he met the Gaunt patriarch, his image of the heads of pure-blood families being akin to the Sluts in potters hill of their ancestor or Lucius Malfoy. Ironically, Riddle's framing of his uncle caused the extinction of the pure-blood House of Gaunt. Morfin's subsequent imprisonment ruined any idea of the final patriarch of the Gaunts continuing the bloodline. Admittedly, Morfin would have probably been the last patriarch even Sluts in potters hill he lived a free man. Morfin's penury, as well as his vulgar attitude, violent disposition and slovenly personal appearance, did not make him a very desirable catch to witches looking for husbands, and Morfin's pure-blood supremacist views limited his own pool of potential mates considerably.

Having his memory modified by his nephew, Morfin came to be proud of committing murder and allowed himself to be incarcerated without a struggle as he once had against Ogden. His only regret was the loss of his father's final heirloom, which caused Morfin's leftover sanity to slip away as he would spend the rest of his life muttering how his father would kill him for losing the ring. Magical abilities and skills "There was a loud bang, and Ogden was on the ground, clutching his nose, while a nasty yellowish goo squirted from between his fingers. Morfin was highly skilled at hexes and jinxes, and could even do them nonverbally, a skill very difficult to master.

He attacked Bob Ogden with a jinx that caused yellow pus to flow from his nose without an incantation. He also cast a curse on Tom Riddle which resulted in him being covered in painful hivesthough it is unknown if this one was nonverbal. He also sent a flurry of non-verbal hexes at Ogden when Ogden sent a Relashio charm to stop Marvolo Gaunt from strangling his daughter. As with the rest of his family His ancestorfathersister and nephewMorfin inherited the ability to speak to snakes from their ancestor. Morfin was proficient with the language, enough to communicate with his family and Ogden with it. Relationships "Dishonoured us, she did, that little slut! However, had Marvolo been alive when Morfin lost his father's heirloom ringtheir relationship would most likely have turned into a strained one, to say the least.

Nothing is known about Morfin's relationship with his mother since she is never seen or mentioned. Morfin, on the other hand, was physically and verbally abusive towards his sister, Merope like his father was. He would enjoy seeing her being abused by their father and even mocked her romantic feelings of Tom Riddle Snr when he noticed her watching him. After Morfin was imprisoned in AzkabanMerope was very pleased to be free from her abusers. While incarcerated during his three-year sentence, his sister married Riddle Snr, but Tom later left her while pregnant with their only child. He most likely hated him even more when he found out that the two had gotten married.

Because Morfin joined his father in teasing his sister about being a likely Squib, he probably did not know she had the competence to enchant Thomas Riddle. Despite his hatred for Riddle, Morfin was in agreement that Tom Riddle did the right thing in leaving Merope, albeit with a sense of schadenfreude as he caused heartbreak to Merope. Many years later, Morfin was framed for murder by his nephew by causing him to believe he killed his brother-in-law and his parents. They did not know each other well since Riddle had spent his life in a Muggle orphanage and Morfin most likely never knew about his sister's pregnancy nor made any effort to claim guardianship of his sole blood relative.

Tom Riddle didn't care about Morfin and deliberately framed him of murdering the Riddle family. Tom's disdain for his uncle Morfin may have been disgust at his squalor or disdain that he never tried to raise him akin to his father's ignoranceor a combination of both. Another factor that disproved the visitor from being Tom Riddle was that Morfin had left Riddle alone after his first imprisonment, but realising he would have likely had an older appearance after the passage of many years.

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