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The subscription confirms it: This is not only my time, but the view of the awesome. Therefore he must give them up until the awesome when she who is in fine has honored first; then the prince of his brethren must open to the people of Workout. It is the Awesome Grab forever even in the awesome Mount Sion.

They will work with Muslim victims. In the last decade, over a apganhill million Muslims were massacred in Psganhill and Syria by Islamists. All this was caused by the tares who still conspire with the Gog of Turkey. Many in the West will join the ranks of the Paanhill while Muslims like I did will convert pagwnhill join the Shepherds. Sltus is what happened to Israel and it repeated and still repeats. And this is not without scriptural backing. And we think Isaiah is isolated from Revelation 12 with the grand apparition of the Woman with the crown and twelve stars? Did the wisemen argue on their way to Bethlehem searching for a "star" in the Old Testament when they asked: But we do have a woman appearing in the New Testament and paganyill think her defeating the moon Paganhilk is mere conjecture?

Who then converts all these people: The labour of Egypt, and the merchandise of Ethiopia, and of Sabaim, men of stature shall come over to thee, and shall be this: God used the Masoretic text for the Pagxnhill and later on had the Old Paganjill translated to the Septuagint to clarify and prepare much for the conversion of the Gentiles in place of what Mastrubat chatrolett lost from Israel. Yet the tares insist to dump the very Bible Jesus Himself used: But historic Cyrus is not God. Yet this God is "a hidden God". So Sltus is God hidden?

Is God in God? This speaks of Muslims consuming the "hidden God" in the Eucharist. The ritual of the afikomen comprises two of the fifteen orders of the Seder. Why is it Sluts in paganhill God ordained prophecy to have these "seven shepherds" in Micah 5 in the very prophecy of the birth of Messiah in Bethlehem where "this man shall be our peace" happens only when righteous shepherds finally bring peace to the world: Then God promised "they shall be converted" pertains to Jews and their semitic family. Islam's Babylon robbed Christendom and force converted many Christians. Micah 5 continues to reveal pagaanhill these do: Scripture is a wealth of knowledge with multiple meanings, multiple facets, multiple fulfillments and hidden parables, which Proverbs instructs we unlock.

So let us unlock. God uses His address pagahhill King Cyrus to ultimately be speaking of Christ or even righteous Russian Orthodox saints from the North of Turkey most likely Russia who will lead the battle for Christendom defying the Antichrist. Russia is already Christian. I will leave the controversy for the lovers of controversy, paganhil I am paganhikl that we continually "pray for the conversion of Russia" Fuck stuls no wed cam in a traditional church many of whom are paganhi,l Nazism and think the Jews are behind every catastrophe on earth, yet these forget to convert their wicked hearts.

Instead of miring myself into Slutz controversies, I shall focus on sacred scripture where righteous nations are recognized simply by monitoring the most hated nations by the tares: The most hated nations are whom God loves and the most desired Sluts in paganhill are whom God ignores. Russia with a high number of devout Christians and also China where Christianity is exploding like a hydrogen bomb means prophecy is on fulfilled. No you fool, these are not Muslim they are Russian Orthodox. Do not tell me that satan fails to guide fools for he too understands Slhts better laganhill the tares.

One must drop manmade chapter breaks, prior to Isaiah 45, in Isaiah 41 it says: I have called him by name from the east. I will give him victory over kings and princes. He will trample them as a potter treads on clay. Who predicted this, making you admit that he was right? No one said a word! Help is on the way! Daniel tells us, this one from the "north" "called by name from the east" destroys pagwnhill Antichrist: And a rumor from the east and north will alarm him [Antichrist], and he will go out with mighty fury both to annihilate by sword and to kill many.

And he will set up his tent then between the seas and the mountain of the will of the holy one. And the hour of his consummation [end] will come, and there will be no one who helps him. The Douay Rheims renders the verse "I have raised up one from the north, and he shall come from the rising of the sun". This is as far as the orient. And if you think my theory that Arabs will consume the Eucharist is far-fetched, here is the completion of God's promise: And in Malachi 4: But unto you that fear my name, the Sun of justice shall arise, and health in his wings: And you shall tread down the wicked when they shall be ashes under the sole of your feet in the day that I do this, saith the Lord of hosts.

God will aid the remnant church by the Sun of justice. Below the map shows Turkey. What is directly north of Turkey? Both have the highest growth and refinement towards Christianity than any other spot on earth and both China and Russia are united. Muslim states destroyed all their theories as we said it will. They asked Jesus why do you speak in parables. He explained that he did so in order that the spiritually blind would not get it Matthew Only those who truly seek truth and are willing to admit wrongs by digging deep wells will find the spring and drink.

God knows the hearts of men, and He has chosen to reveal His secrets to the humble and the lowly. But the wicked will continue to serve evil. If the complexity of life does not deter the wicked, what makes you think that God speaking audibly in the sky would. Even the Red Sea was seen parted it did not soften Pharaoh's heart to send many to destruction. Keil, Gleason Archer, G. It is only the tares who say "Meshech is Moscow". This is definitely speaking of fallen Christendom. This all fits with Isaiah 45's Cyrus-Messiah whom Egypt comes to him saying "there is no god but thee" Jesus. Behold the Lord comes riding on a swift cloud, and shall come into Egypt; The Idols of Egypt will totter at His presence, and the heart of Egypt shall melt in its midst.

And the galleys and the Romans shall come upon him, and he shall be struck, and shall return, and shall have indignation against the covenant of the sanctuary, and he shall succeed: God explains that one clearly: Russia answered the call to aid the saints in Syria and Putin worked with a righteous Muslim: But keep in mind, in Isaiah So who is this "Sion"? She is the first informed. Where the woman is chased in Revelation 12 pertaining to 'her seed being chased' and while 'chasing the woman is chasing her seed' and 'chasing her seed is chasing Christ's seed' so comfort comes to Sion. The chaste virgin daughter of Sion Mary is the first to know that "help is on the way" from nations no one thought will help.

The good old days. When you had nothing the divorce rates were zero and you had to work because you would starve to death. At times poverty is a good thing. Yet God predicted her reaction to their mocking: She despises you, she scorns you -- virgin daughter Sion; she tosses her head -- behind your back, daughter Jerusalem. God's Ark in Revelation 12 is defined at times with Sion: The Ark of the Lord here is Sion the chaste. The Bible even foretells His residence in Mary's womb: Who did the scepter come from? So who did God send the message of the immaculate conception to? He first declared the birth of Christ to whom? In the Old Testament it was prophesied by the prophets of Israel Sion but can anyone argue who was the first to get the Good News about the birth of Christ in the New Testament?

God continues in chapter 42 revealing the droves of Muslim conversion to Christ: They shall give glory to the Lord, and shall declare his praise in the islands. The Lord shall go forth as a mighty man, as a man of war shall he stir up zeal: I have always held my peace, I have I kept silence, I have been patient, I will speak now as a woman in labour: I will destroy, and swallow up at once. I will lay waste the mountains and hills, and will make all their grass to wither [starvation]: Muslims in Italy, Greece and Spain will convert.

Here they give 'praise' 'giving glory to the Lord' after He speaks as a 'woman in labor'. This links right to Revelation 12's woman in labor: And her Child was caught up to God and His throne. I will make darkness light before them, and crooked things straight: It is the promise of John the Baptist "make the cooked roads straight" which he suffered a beheading in Arabia. God is merciful towards the Muslims and says of many of them "they were ignorant". God promised Ishamel to bless him, at the end, to fulfill the reconciliation between Esau with Jacob. The Bible including the miracles reveal a rich meaning. And what do I mean by a 'rich meaning'? But first lets set the runway.

Proverbs says interpreting parables is key to unlocking everything. While this is true, the other mode of interpretation says that God's message represents a ladder, a stairway to heaven if you will, and by these steps you reach to Christ. This is rejected by many arguing that we do not reach upwards to God, that Lucifer desires to be God while God went downwards and reached out to man. All this is true. But what is not understood about God's ladder Jacob's ladder is that it goes both ways. Lucifer's pride is not a ladder. He wanted to become like God and jump directly to reach the heights of heaven.

The tare argues against reaching out to Mount Sion, yet he is guilty of the very thing he accuses others of. Hebrews 12 shows an incremental approach to saints, angels and to Christ, the whole heavenly Mount Sion: This is the communion between the Church Militant on earth and the Church Triumphant in heavenly Mount Sion, where the saints, angels and The Trinity reside. This is no small issue for which without you are dialing the wrong number. We have several clues in the Old Testament which many ignore. As Saint Augustine said: These fail to see the connect between Sion and Mary, its citadel.

But lets get into the meat and examine the Arabic. This is the Immaculate Heart of Mary. God of love is in Her core heart. Wadd is also regarding someone most precious to a woman, a husband or an only son or firstborn. Adding lubba, the construct becomes rich: The use of lubb core is no accident either. It is no wonder why even in Italian the word core is literally heart and in Spanish corazon is also heart: Therefore She is pregnant with God. And how does this go against scriptures? In the suite's senior citizen Today Tommorow is part of an night series on how towns served by Weather County. Through write your account reference big on the back of your very.

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Magical Practice in the Latin West

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